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christopher-nolan-interviewMovie-Rumors caught up with Christopher Nolan today for an exclusive interview with the acclaimed director, in which all is revealed about Robin’s presence in The Dark Knight Rises .

Here’s the interview in full (Warning: Spoilers):

Movie-Rumors (MR): So, Christopher, we take it Robin has an important part to play in The Dark Knight Rises?

Christopher Nolan (CN): I don’t want to give too many details away at this point.

MR: So you don’t deny it!

CN: Deny what?

MR: When Robin joins Batman in fisticuffs with the baddies, do we get “Kapow” splashed across screen?

CN: I think you’ve misunderstood.

MR: Have you gone for a darker, grounded in reality Boy Wonder Robin?

CN: I didn’t say Robin was in this film.

MR: Do you anticipate a spin-off from this movie focusing more on Robin?

CN: Robin hasn’t invaded my consciousness to the degree that he’s invaded yours.

MR: Does Catwoman fall in love with Robin?


MR: If not, say no. If yes, say nothing.


MR: That’s what we thought!