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star-wars-fan-in-carboniteEver fancied seeing how you’d look frozen in carbonite? Well, Walt Disney World will soon let you follow in Han Solo’s misty footsteps from Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back.

The annual Star Wars weekends held at the Florida park are coming up this month, and this year they’re allowing visitors to freeze themselves, or loved ones, in carbonite.

Visitors will have to book ahead, and here’s how they’re selling the experience:

“Guests will step into a ‘carbon freezing chamber’, where cutting edge technology will freeze the whole body for a specified amount of time. A light-up wristband is also included.”

Newlyweds Bill and Laura Turner from Tuscany, Arizona, have already signed up for the experience. Here’s what Laura had to say:

“We got married in Las Vegas last month and we were thinking, how we gonna top that? Then Bill had this idea, he’s a big Star Wars fan, and he says, how ‘bout we get frozen in carbonite? We’re going to be woken up in the year 2212 for our two hundredth wedding anniversary. It’s kinda romantic.”

Well, the light-up wristband sold it for us. Are you tempted to get frozen in carbonite?