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mark_wahlberg_big_jimMark Wahlberg is close to pulling out of the big screen adaptation of classic toy-line, Big Jim, following an outpouring of fan discontent at his casting.


Wahlberg was in line to play the title character, Big Jim, the “basic” good guy leader and an average Caucasian male with no other distinguishable characteristics, except having a permanent good attitude and joy for life.

He was also set to take on board additional roles, including Big Josh, effectively Big Jim with a beard, one of Jim’s best friends, and positioned as the tough guy among the group, as well as Big Jeff, Big Jim’s third buddy, an Australian kind of blond type.

Fans feel that Wahlberg is too short to do justice to the role(s).

They have given a big thumbs up, however, to Denzel Washington, who will bring a degree of gravitas to the role of Big Jack, an African American character with a friendly attitude.