skeletor-new-masters-of-the-universe-movieSony Pictures have had a breakthrough, it seems, in bringing the Masters of the Universe property back to the big screen, by deciding to focus the new movie on the main villain, Skeletor.

A new film adaptation of the 1980s toy-line, which featured He-Man, “the most powerful man in the Universe,” had been stuck in development hell in recent years, being shifted from studio to studio, with various writers and directors attached along the way.

The franchise achieved massive success with its adaptation as a 1980s cartoon series by Filmation, but did less well as a 1987 live action movie, which may have contributed to the delay in getting the new film off the ground.

Now, with the new movie being built around the “leader of the evil warriors” Skeletor, it looks like we’ll be seeing the battles of the Masters of the Universe on the big screen, soon.

Here’s an extract from the official Sony Pictures press release:

Skeletor is clearly the more interesting character in the franchise and we believe that by focusing on this complex individual we’ll really be able to re-open the property to a global audience. We’ll be exploring the psychopathy of the character. He clearly suffers from Narcissistic Entitlement Syndrome, believing that the Universe and everything in it should be under his command. He’s also prone to violent outbursts if he doesn’t get his way, a classic sufferer of Intermittent Explosive Disorder. When we catch up with Skeletor, he’s married and has children, and is rather suppressed by his wife Evil-Lyn. It’s the perfect opportunity for us to delve into the mind of the villain, held there under our microscope, as he juggles work in Snake-mountan with the demands of fatherhood. We also suggest that Skeletor is a repressed homosexual, and that he harks for a romantic union with the one he calls Beast-Man.