Eddie-Murphy-movie-rumorsThe Black List was compiled from the suggestions of over 300 film executives, each of whom contributed the name of their favorite black person working in Hollywood.

This year, blacks had to receive at least six mentions to be included on The Black List.

All reasonable effort has been made to confirm the information contained herein. The Black List apologizes for all misspellings, misattributions, incorrect representation identification, and questionable ethnic affiliations.

It has been said many times, but it’s worth repeating:

The Black List is not a “best of” list. It is, at best, a “most liked” list.

Here’s this year’s list in full:

1. Denzel Washington – serious roles
2. Samuel L. Jackson – silly roles
3. Sidney Poitier – possibly dead
4. Mike Tyson – cameos
5. Rihanna – sinks Battleships
6. Will Smith – actor
7. Jada Pinkett Smith – wife to Will Smith
8. Will Smith‘s son
9. Will Smith‘s daughter
10. Matthew Lawrence – plays multiple roles
11. Damon Wayons – plays multiple brothers
12. Halle Berry – plays multiple orgasms
13. Edward Murphy – comic foil to Gene Wilder
14. Morgan Freeman – likes to play God
15. Chris Rock – is no Edward Murphy
16. President Barack Obama – to play Denzel Washington in forthcoming biopic
17. The Rock – actual person, totally harmless