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Brian Cox UniverseProfessor Brian Cox spoke with insipid wonderment today on the certainty that a world exists where every movie is a Police Academy movie.

Cox filmed himself standing in the middle of a desert, gazing up at the sky while he imparted his theory.

“Quantum theory shows us quite clearly that there is an infinite number of worlds, with an infinite number of variations. This means that there is a world out there, exactly like our own, but where every movie ever made is a Police Academy movie.”

“And it so follows that instead of staring Steve Guttenburg and Bubba Smith, each film stars Paul Walker in a multitude of roles.”

“And that they must be up to something, now, like Police Academy 7006: Undertrained Idiots Filling Out Forms All Day, and that the series will have started to diminish in quality.”

Cox has agreed a deal with the NBC to turn his theory into a three-part series, with an accompanying book and other such bollocks.

Police Academy

Theory describes a reality in which a particle can be in several places at once and moves from one place to another by exploring the entire universe simultaneously, and it so follows that Police Academy 7 is still the worst of the series